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What Can Central Seattle Property Owners Do to Prevent Water Damage?

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment, ladder at house SERVPRO offers Seattle home areas with advanced water damage removal and restoration equipment

SERVPRO Technicians are Available 24/7 for Central Seattle Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage of all types is one of the most frequently seen restoration services that SERVPRO handles regularly. Unfortunately, problems such as flood damage, pipe bursts, sewer backups, and appliance failures can cause thousands of dollars in repairs to the property, in many cases, the issue was preventable. 

SERVPRO has several recommendations for property owners in Seattle to avoid water damage in their homes. There are actions that homeowners can take both inside and outside their homes to prevent damage from water. 

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Issues 

When gutters have dirt, debris, and leaves, the water cannot flow through as intended and instead backs up and over the top of the gutters. The liquid then runs into cracks and spills around the foundations causing problems ranging from rotten wood to hydrostatic water damage. Seepage into the eaves can result in water damage to the attic. Getting the gutters cleaned regularly or investing in a gutter cover system can eliminate the potential for this type of water damage to a structure. 

Checking Inside the Home for Potential Water Damage Concerns

There are numerous areas within a home that can be at the heart of a water damage situation. A slow leak can be costly in terms of repairs due to the ruined walls, ceilings, and flooring can all require replacement. While technology such as environmental monitoring systems is beneficial, it is a good idea for property owners to make a list of each room in their home, including closets and utility rooms, and look them over monthly for signs of water damage. Common signs of a problem include:

  • Water stains on sheetrock
  • Nailed raised out of hardwood floorboards due to prolonged moisture exposure and warping
  • Buckling of walls or sagging ceilings
  • Corrosive build-ups on pipes

Water Use Outside the Home

Good landscaping practices can assist in keeping rain draining away from your property rather than pooling around it. After a rainstorm, walk around the property and look for areas of standing water close to the foundation; these are the places that will need the grade raised to channel the rain away from the house. Also, consider downspout extensions. Sprinkler systems should get inspected yearly during the winterizing blow-out to avoid pipe breaks from freezing temperatures. The loss of pressure within the system can point to leaks that need addressing. 

Appliances are Another Source of Potential Water Damage

Consider how many devices in the kitchen alone use water, such as a fridge with an ice maker and dishwasher are frequent contributors to water cleanup jobs. The washing machine should be checked monthly for splits in the drain hose and drips in the pressurized water lines. A water heater tank, on average, holds around 55 gallons for the typical household. If a failure happens, many gallons can pour onto a floor and can cause significant water damage to a structure and contents. Monitoring systems and regular maintenance can help avoid these issues

SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 brings highly trained, IICRC-certified technicians for all types of water damage restoration services. Our experts utilize the latest technology in the restoration industry and are available for Central Seattle property owners 24/7.

Tips for Avoiding Fire Damage Year-Round in Central Seattle Homes

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

space heater on a stand SERVPRO says--space heaters can cause fire damage to your Seattle area home or business.

SERVPRO Brings Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services Available 24/7 to Central Seattle Properties

According to the Insurance Information Institute, a house fire occurs in the United States every 87 seconds. While not every Central Seattle fire can be prevented, many of them could have been avoided or stopped early on with the right monitoring equipment, knowledge, and tools to extinguish it. This can greatly reduce fire damage.

There are many different ways fire damage can occur within a Seattle home, and SERVPRO has tips to lessen the potential for the need for house fire cleanup services. A little time spent preparing can avoid the cost of fire damage restoration. 

Holiday Season Fire Hazards 

While the holiday season is a time of joy, it also comes with a lot of potential fire damage. Christmas trees, in particular, are common causes. Natural trees need to get watered, and the needles should not dry out. The heat from the lights or a spark can set the tree ablaze. Artificial trees are not always constructed using fire retardant materials, and decorations that can overheat should not be in direct contact with the materials of the limbs. No matter what type of tree gets used, homeowners should never leave the lights on unattended. Decorations such as lights hung outside the home should use UL-approved cords and waterproof weather cases around extension cord connections. Prevent fire damage from setting your seasonal hopes up in smoke.

Candle and Space Heater Dangers

When used safely, a space heater is ideal for heating a cold area in the home. To avoid fire damage, consumers should look for space heaters that have the following features: 

  • Space heaters should be plugged directly into a wall outlet without the use of an extension cord or 3-prong adaptors
  • Inspect the cord and plug occasionally during operation to ensure it is not becoming too hot
  • Keep flammable materials and textiles at least 3 feet away from the unit or expect fire damage

While space heaters bring warmth into a home, candles bring the appearance of warmth, ambiance, and pleasant scents. Candles should never be left burning unattended, particularly if there are pets or children in the home. Much like a space heater, the heat from a candle can ignite nearby fabrics or flammable materials and cause minor to major fire damage. Homeowners should burn candles away from anything that could easily ignite, such as curtains, lampshades, books, clothing, or dried flowers arrangements.

Local homeowners should install smoke alarms in each room in the home and test them monthly to ensure they are working. A family escape plan for how to get out of the house in the event of a blaze and where to meet, including pets. Practicing this plan at least a few times a year can work to save lives. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Fire Damage Restoration Services

SERVPRO technicians treat every fire damage restoration service uniquely while following the systems of science upon which they are based. Cleaning fire and smoke damage, soot removal, and fire odor removal are crucial aspects of their detailed assistance.

Seattle residents rely on SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 for any size and type of fire damage restoration needed to make it "Like it never even happened."

What are Signs of Mold Damage in Central Seattle Properties?

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

mold stains on ceiling and wall Mold remediation and cleanup for Seattle residence is just a phone call away, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Techs Assist Seattle Property Owners with Mold Damage Inspection and Remediation Services

Many people assume that due to the colder winter temperatures in the Central Seattle area, that mold infestations are not an issue during those months. However, this type of structural threat is something property owners should be on the lookout for throughout the year. Fortunately, there are many small signs that mold is growing within a home or business that can result in mold damage.

Seattle residents, be aware of mold damage in your homes. SERVPRO has some tips for identifying a potential need for mold remediation. 

Mold is Often Found Around Water Leaks

Whenever there is an issue with water damage in a home or business, particularly if it was a slow leak situation, a mold infestation may also be present. Just because it is cold outside, the interior of a home is usually kept at ideal temperatures to sustain mold growth. Combined with the constant moisture from a slow leak, a very hospitable environment gets created, and suddenly, mold damage appears. SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians have the equipment to allow them to see collections of moisture behind walls that can indicate the presence of mold. Mold can grow between the walls, under floors, and behind wallpaper for a long period before the foul odor that never leaves gets noticed. During a mold inspection, the techs may drill tiny holes to confirm through visuals that the colonies are present. This action minimizes the repairs needed post-mold damage remediation. 

Condensation Collecting on Windows and Pipes

When the windows fog up frequently, poor ventilation can be the culprit. This level of air moisture can create a breeding ground for mold damage. One of the biggest issues for this happening, particularly in the bathroom, is a malfunctioning exhaust fan not properly venting the moisture out of the room after a hot bath or shower. Check indoor galvanized pipes for signs of rust, as over time, prolonged exposure to water can make the zinc coating rust, which can be an indicator of mold damage in the vicinity.

Another area in the home that can get affected by poor ventilation is a damp, humid basement. The cooler air in a basement leads to more condensation buildup, which can create the need for mold damage mitigation quickly. Once the spores germinate, they spread rapidly across surfaces and look for consumables such as wood, paper, and sheetrock is a favorite to establish colonies upon. This mold damage may require a controlled demolition.

Be On the Lookout for Water Stains

Property owners should regularly look around their homes, including closets, attics, basements, or crawlspaces, for water stains. This can be a problem with a leak or ground central for mold damage in the home.

SERVPRO can help local property owners through their detailed mold inspections and mold damage remediation process, which can include deep cleaning the ductwork in the home. The techs carefully dry and remove the colonies and identify the reason for the infestation, helping homeowners not have to deal with this issue again.

The local Central Seattle community trusts SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 for mold damage mitigation to their property and contents. Our trained technicians are available 24/7 for any size restoration job. 

What Services Perform Commercial Water Damage Repair for Foster Island Businesses?

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

GREEN QUILTED DRYING MATS IN CORRIDOR SERVPRO deploys advanced drying mats and heated dehumidifiers for reducing water damage to Foster City commercial properties

SERVPRO is a Commercial Water Damage Repair Service for Foster Island

Water intrusion can damage parts of your business that are crucial for day-to-day operations. Companies that operate in the public service sector, for example, may be forced to temporarily close after sewer backup or appliance malfunctions. In emergency circumstances, we recommend using a qualified restoration service to ensure that your business can re-open as quickly as possible. SERVPRO technicians rapidly identify potential problems in your business and can promptly mitigate water intrusion issues to reduce the likelihood of permanent harm. We include in our services:

  • Appliance cleaning
  • Thorough drying and dehumidification
  • Antimicrobial treatments

Businesses that need commercial water damage repair in Foster Island should rely on companies with the experience and resources to work quickly. Our team specializes in upholstery and fabric cleaning (UFT) and traditional water restoration (WRT). We believe that the additional skillset we bring can help clients avoid using subcontractors resulting in a smoother service from start to finish. Cleaning upholsteries can be especially important for restaurants, bars, and hotel businesses because they allow them to avoid resorting to costly replacements of furniture.

  • Using desiccant dehumidifiers, we can reduce the grains of moisture in the air to below 60 GPP. This dehumidification allows upholsteries to dry quicker.
  • We have a range of specialist cleaning agents, including leather care and satin cleaning products, that can reduce the damaging effects of watermarking.
  • Our rotary brush machinery can help buffer carpets or other textiles that may have become flat due to exposure to moisture.

For help with the restoration of commercial premises, contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle for water damage repair at (206) 282-9500.

What Do Residents Need to Know About Smoke and Fire Damage in Their Seattle Home?

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

smoke and fire damaged red carpet and furnishings SERVPRO can provide expert fire and smoke damage cleanup and restoration for floor coverings, furnishings, and assemblies in Seatle properties

SERVPRO Has Professional Smoke and Fire Damage Technicians to Help Seattle Residents

When materials burn, they produce smoke. The type of smoke released is dependent on the material construction burning; however, they can be broadly grouped into synthetic and natural categories. Synthetic smoke is often wet or greasy and generally more challenging to clean. Many homeowners may find that household products spread wet smokes around, causing further harm to surfaces or appliances. We have a highly trained team capable of identifying different types of smoke and soot and employing the correct restoration method of each kind. We can help with things like:

  • Smoke damage
  • Odor control
  • Appliance cleaning

The impact of smoke and fire damage in your Seattle home can depend on the length of time that the fire burned and the relative temperature. Slower burning fires, which generally involve synthetic materials, can often harm your contents and building assembly. A slow-burning fire produces thicker smoke which builds up consistently on walls or ceilings. Sometimes, these smoke deposits become ingrained or bonded with the surface and require chemical action. You must enlist a professional restoration technician before applying water to any smoke stains. However, we recommend that you open windows and perform light vacuuming to assist with the departure of soot or unpleasant scents.

  • Avoid foot traffic over areas of the home near where the fire broke out. Standing on sooty carpets can compress ash or smoke residue into fibers causing permanent damage.
  • Chemical agents such as solvents are generally used to help remove wet smokes from surfaces which often respond badly to the introduction of water.
  • Clothing and other textiles can often be collected for wet and dry cleaning by SERVPRO professionals at our off-site facility.

It is important to act quickly after a fire. Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle for smoke and fire damage at (206) 282-9500.

How do Residents of Seattle Deal with Flood Damage?

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

"Like it never even happened." tent Our smiling SERVPRO team strives to make your flood-damaged home in Seattle appear "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO is a Professional Flood Damage Repair Service for Seattle Residents

Floods in your area are usually warned of on local radio and government websites ahead of time, allowing you to prepare. However, the damage caused by floodwaters when they reach your property is often impossible to avoid. Most residents rely on restoration services to bring their home back to a preloss condition and perform emergency mitigative procedures that significantly reduce the losses to contents or structure. SERVPRO is a restoration service that has extensive experience dealing with flooding emergencies. We include technicians trained in general construction (OSHA) to help residents overcome material damage to their home's structure. We can also help with:

  • Water mitigation
  • Emergency flood repair
  • Ceiling leaks

You can contact flood damage professionals in Seattle by using our twenty-four-hour helpline. Here you can provide notification of loss and arrange for a technician to visit your property within the next four hours. Early intervention and assessment can often be crucial in reducing flood damages, so we recommend that you call as soon as possible. Our technicians can bring with them the necessary equipment for restoration, which includes vital measuring equipment to track water migration through the home. Sometimes, failure to dry the home adequately can cause secondary harm such as mold growth.

  • Borescopes are used to assess the amount of water residing inside wall cavities and are among the most accurate method of measuring structural damage.
  • Moisture meters use a probe to ascertain the extent of moisture in materials such as carpets, furnishings, or hardwoods.
  • Sensors can help track water in dense materials such as concrete which can expand or crack under persistent water exposure.

In an emergency flood situation, contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle for flood damage restoration at (206) 282-9500.

What Are Some Signs of Frozen Pipes and Ice Damming in Seattle Homes?

12/10/2021 (Permalink)

snow, ice on cabin roof SERVPRO says insulate your attic to help prevent ice damming damage to your Seattle home

SERVPRO Can Help You Locate the Frozen Pipes and Also Take Quick Action to Prevent Damages

Apart from the inconvenience of salting and shoveling, snowstorms present many other property problems. One likely outcome is frozen pipes or ice damming, and unlike the deep snow piling up on your driveway, the two issues can lead to physical damage to your property.

Identifying frozen pipes and ice damming in your Seattle home early enough is one way to avoid significant physical damage. Knowing the signs to look out for can help you make such timely identification. You can also call SERVPRO to help manage thawing, cleanup, and repairing affected areas.

Some signs of ice damming and frozen pipes include:

  • Ice coming through the soffit vents
  • No water when you turn on faucets
  • Strange smells when you turn on faucets
  • Icicles on the edge of the roof

When pipes freeze, water cannot pass through, so turning on sink or bathroom taps may only produce a trickle or no water at all. Sometimes the absence of running water may be accompanied by a foul odor since it is the only outlet. When identified early, it is possible to take quick action to prevent dire outcomes such as burst pipes or roof leaks. SERVPRO can help you take tangible action.

Thawing the frozen pipes is the essential step since it helps relieve the pressure that might cause bursting. The process can be as simple as placing a space heater next to pipes in an open area such as under a sink rather than involving demolition and reconstruction of walls or ceiling space. Our SERVPRO technicians can expertly remove the sheetrock, exposing the concealed pipes for repairs if necessary.

Ice dam prevention starts in the attic. Heat escaping from the below living area results in warming the roof trusses and sheathing. This promotes snowmelt. This sudden liquid flows and may freeze at the eaves or gutters creates the ice dam. Keep your attic well insulated. Heating cables can be another preventative option.

SERVPRO of Central Seattle can help you respond correctly when frozen pipes and ice damming pose damage to your home. Call us at (206) 282-9500. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Makes Water Mitigation at a Seattle Business Premises Challenging?

12/10/2021 (Permalink)

tech standing by trailered dehu SERVPRO promotes Seattle area commercial water damage restoration with advanced equipment like this trailered-in desiccant dehumidifier

SERVPRO Relies on Vast Experience to Identify Simple Issues That Can Complicate Water Damage

Water exposure to items and structural elements at your Seattle business premises can leave you facing a myriad of problems. At the very least, costs can accumulate from the repair work needed, or you might lose revenue if you are forced to close down or limit operations.

Performing timely and effective water mitigation at your Settle business premises allows immediate resumption of operations and saves costs. A professional like SERVPRO helps identify all unique problems that develop from the incident and the best ways to resolve them.

The actions that help mitigate water damage may not be that complex and include:

  • Drying wet materials
  • Cleaning soiled areas
  • Deodorization

However, even for these seemingly straightforward actions, you can run into headwinds once you start the renovation process. Various factors complicate the process, especially if handled by an untrained person or regular janitorial staff.

Some simple issues that hinder water mitigation can be:

  • Insufficient water extraction power
  • Using the wrong cleaning products
  • Failure to trace all moisture

Water exists in different states once it is released into your property. Some water is absorbed by porous materials, some pools on surfaces, while a small percentage escapes into the air through evaporation. Your mitigation efforts must address all these forms of moisture. Otherwise, secondary problems such as odor, condensation, and mold can continue affecting your premises. SERVPRO technicians have the appropriate tools to take moisture readings, including moisture meters and thermo-hygrometers. Large, trailered-in desiccant dehumidifiers are at the ready for our SERVPRO technicians.

One solution that helps address most of these aspects is using equipment with sufficient extraction power. Apart from clearing up pools faster, powerful extraction equipment helps porous materials dry faster by minimizing the amount of moisture handled during the drying phase. Our SERVPRO technicians use portable and truck-mounted extractors.

SERVPRO of Central Seattle can help you manage water mitigation after any case of water intrusion at your facility, “Like it never even happened.” You can reach us at (206) 282-9500.

Can Property Be Deodorized with Other Fire Restoration Activities in Progress?

12/10/2021 (Permalink)

green hydroxyl generator Hydroxyl generators and ozone machines are in SERVPRO's inventory to combat fire odors in Seattle homes and businesses

SERVPRO Uses Several Approaches to Manage Fire Odors While Running Other Restoration Processes

One of the difficult issues to manage after a fire incident is the strong odor leftover from the combustion of materials. Odors can linger even after removing residues and cleaning all surfaces. Finding a way to simultaneously deodorize and perform other forms of fire damage restoration at your home can lead to better outcomes.

Removing all residues when handling fire damage restoration at a Foster Island property is crucial in managing odors. However, odors originate from other sources, including particulate matter suspended in the air and invisible residues. Such issues require specialized management, such as the advanced deodorization procedures SERVPRO uses.

Some viable deodorization procedures to try while still restoring the house include:

  • Ventilation
  • Running photo-catalytic oxidizers
  • Air filtration

These methods help remove particulate matter or smoke remnants by forcing air out of the house, thus replacing it with cleaner outdoor air or running the indoor air through a filtration system to remove particulate matter and aerosols. Oxidizers, on the other hand, use unstable oxygen molecules which combine with volatile odor compounds, neutralizing them. Air scrubbers can be rigged with HEPA filters to capture these airborne particulates.

Fine residues like soot and ash characterize fire disaster sites. Therefore, some deodorization methods such as ventilation can create other problems such as spreading residues to unintended areas. Air filtration devices might also clog when there is a constant supply of particulate materials. Our SERVPRO crews prefer alternatives that do not spread residues.

Some of these helpful deodorization methods include:

These approaches make it possible to deliver deodorizers without causing additional problems that might hamper restoration efforts. The methods also match the penetrative capacity of odors, thus removing all odor reservoirs hidden deep within materials.

SERVPRO of Central Seattle works hard to expedite and improve convenience during fire damage restoration. Call us at (206) 282-9500 after an incident. We can help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Get Professional Water Removal Services in Seattle

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood flooring Water can cause cupping, crowning, or buckling planks. SERVPRO has the tools to restore your water damaged floor.

You Can Trust SERVPRO to Provide You with Water Removal Services in Seattle

Water damage is a dilemma that many homeowners experience at some point. Different kinds of water damage can cause drywall rot, mold infestation, and structural damage. If your home has incurred water damage, it is essential to fix it soon. Hiring professionals from SERVPRO is the appropriate way to deal with the issue. 

Our team can help you to perform water removal in your Seattle residence. We have powerful water extraction equipment that can remove the standing water. Water can damage hardwood floors because it is absorbed through the material’s pores. Naturally, wood contains moisture. Structural lumber in North America has an average moisture content of 10 percent. When wood absorbs moisture, it expands. Our SERVPRO technicians can assess hard floor water damage visually. Some signs of water damage on hardwood floors include: 

  • Cupping, crowning, or buckling planks
  • Discoloration or fading in the wood floors
  • Uneven or warped flooring

Water damage to hardwood flooring builds up slowly. Some common areas where hardwood floors can sustain damage include:

  • In the kitchen, around dishwashers, sinks, and refrigerators.
  • In bedrooms close or around leaking doors or windows
  • In the laundry room close to the sink or washing machine

When water damages hardwood floors, removing the planks that display visible signs of buckling or warping may be necessary. The severity of buckling depends on the type of wood and the amount of moisture absorbed. Warping and buckling can become permanent once the wood dries. Our SERVPRO team can dry the affected areas using air movers and refrigerant dehumidifiers. We can place air moving and dehumidifying equipment in crawl spaces or force air under the floors to completely dry the subfloors.

Once dry, we can sand or refinish the floors. We can identify wet areas using a penetrating moisture meter and then use Teflon coated probes of penetrating moisture meters to determine the moisture contents of the layers at the dampest points. If proper refinishing and drying cannot eliminate the damage, our SERVPRO technicians can replace the wood. 

Do not let water damage affect your lifestyle. Call SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 for effective water restoration.