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What Does Water Mitigation Mean?

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage on a ceiling. Regardless if it is water damage to your home or business, SERVPRO is standing by for assistance. Call us today Seattle.

SERVPRO’s Water Mitigation Efforts Prevent Further Damage from Impacting Your Seattle Property and Belongings

Time is of the essence when you have a water incident at your Seattle property. SERVPRO features skilled technicians ready to handle mitigation to prevent further damage to your interior, whether commercial or residential. With a single phone call, you have a crew on-site within hours to begin cleanup to protect your building’s integrity. The only way to prevent significant damage and mitigate the related restoration and repair costs is to act as quickly as possible. The good news is that our emergency team is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Why Call SERVPRO for Mitigation Efforts?

Our IICRC-certified technicians can handle water mitigation in Seattle regardless of the size or scope of the task at hand. We know what to look for, including any of the potential signs of water damage, such as:

  • Floor damage – There could be hidden damage lurking under the surface. If you notice wood or laminate floor that is buckling, linoleum peeling, or grouted tile loosening, then you may have an issue that calls for professional restoration.
  • Wall damage – Swollen walls become a telltale sign that water is a problem from within. Before bloating, walls may also present with peeling paint, cracking, bubbling wallpaper, or feel soft to the touch. 
  • Mold damage – Due to the potential for health effects, mold is never anything to ignore. Any damp, dark areas of your Seattle property should be inspected regularly. If you ever notice musty odors of visible mold, this points to a moisture issue that must be addressed carefully. 

Water mitigation efforts keep the cost of your project lower, but you also enjoy a remedy sooner. SERVPRO has proven methods, and we adjust our actions accordingly to meet or exceed our drying goals. 

Do you need help with water mitigation? We have a restoration crew ready to go 24/7 at SERVPRO of Central Seattle. Call (206) 282-9500, and we will send out our Green Fleet to begin restoring your interior to preloss condition.

Is it Healthy to Work in a Moldy Seattle Building?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing in the corner of a room near a window Keeping your workers safe when mold is present should be the main concern. Contact SERVPRO for quick remediation and mitigation services.

Commercial Mold Remediation for Seattle Businesses Can Help Reduce Business Interruption. SERVPRO Technicians are Here to Help.

Are heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems causing mold?

Large offices and workspaces in Seattle generally control humidity or temperature with a central HVAC system. When working correctly, these systems help prevent mold spread by correcting moisture problems in the workplace. However, if an HVAC ceases to function appropriately, it can become a root cause for microbial organisms by transporting spores throughout the building. Mold causes health effects for workers and operators within a commercial building. Reducing a mold issue early on can prevent spreading and safeguard against potential business interruption. SERVPRO is an experienced provider for microbial growth control.

Who is responsible for correcting a microbial growth issue?

  • Building managers must provide safe, sanitary conditions for a workforce in a commercial building.
  • Custodians may be running a public building such as a school or library.
  • Members of the workforce who have a responsibility to maintain the building's upkeep, such as janitorial staff. 

What is mold remediation for?

Using commercial mold remediation technicians for your Seattle business helps control and eliminate unsanitary conditions in the workplace. Microbial organisms destroy the materials that they use to grow. Using professional services can prevent harm to structure and contents, save money, or avoid some of the health effects of microbes. Remediating a large space does require significant amounts of equipment. The more cubic feet of air in a room, the larger dehumidification equipment or psychrometric controls should be to correct the moisture problem. SERVPRO can mobilize equipment and staff quickly to recover your business with minimum interruption.

What commercial building maintenance can reduce mold growth?

  • Regular inspections of structural areas such as roof leaks or landscaping that may direct moisture into the building
  • Checking combustion appliances have adequate venting to transport warm, moist air from the property.
  • Regular maintenance of an HVAC system

Commercial molds typically get worse over time and could cause permanent damage. Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500.

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What Should Homeowners Do First After Flood Damage Hits?

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

cartoon family standing on roof of floating house SERVPRO can take over and dry and restore your Seattle flooded home!

SERVPRO techs can tell Seattle homeowners actions to take before they arrive to help lessen the damage to the home and property

After storms with heavy rains roll through Seattle, the potential for flooding increases around homes. Although SERVPRO crews arrive mere hours after the call, no matter when it gets made, there are a few things homeowners can do to ensure everything in the damaged area is not lost and needs replacement. However, SAFETY FIRST.

  • Close off the area if possible
  • Turn off the electricity to the home if there is a possibility of water coming into contact with electrical outlets
  • Avoid breathing airborne water vapor or coming into contact with the floodwater
  • In the early stages that flood water enters the home, move small items and valuables to another area if it is safe to do so

What Can Homeowners Do to Protect Their Homes from Needing Flood Water Removal? 

There is a line between what Seattle homeowners can do for flood water removal preparation and the reality of how fast your home can take on a large amount of water. There are some things property owners can do around the outside of the home to minimize the potential for flooding that affects their house. First and foremost, keep the water flowing away when it rains, and that can happen in a few ways, such as:  

  • Make sure your gutters stay clean and invest in gutter screens if leaves or debris is a frequent issue causing clogs
  • Ensure the grade of your property directs water away from the structure and not toward it
  • Build up your yard, particularly in areas where water pools
  • Inspect your home and make sure thresholds and seals around doors and windows are intact

When SERVPRO tech performs the removal of water from homes, they use a broad array of tools and equipment. Particularly in the case of flooding in a home, the sheetrock wicks the moisture rapidly, and often portions of it require removal to dry the interior of the walls. Even though in many instances, the water appears to recede as quickly as it entered the home, it usually migrates inside wall cavities, behind the baseboard, and seeps under floors. The removal of the deteriorated building materials allows for more significant airflow to occur and helps complete drying.

What does detection equipment do for a flooded home?

SERVPRO techs bring their detection equipment to locate all areas of moisture retention so the structure can get dried entirely. They use penetrating probes, devices that measure the interior humidity levels, and infrared cameras to get a reliable picture of the number of air movers and dehumidifiers they need to dry the area as quickly as possible. This is all part of setting drying goals to determine the amount of time and baseline humidity levels to strive for.

Another big factor that affects drying is the envelope of the structure. In short, it means how much outside factors affect the drying inside the home. There are three basic kinds of envelopes for homes:  

  • Tight envelope indicating rain or humidity levels outside have no bearing on the drying inside the home
  • Moderate envelope can mean certain areas of the house have damage allowing outside air inside, or doors and windows are getting opened frequently
  • Loose envelope usually applies to older structures and unless they have received energy-saving upgrades, generally have substandard vapor barriers and insulation

Due to the potential for many contaminants and hazards present in floodwater, SERVPRO techs test the water before beginning the cleanup and treat it accordingly to make it safer to handle during the extraction phase of the mitigation. After drying, which may take days to complete, the techs wipe down the surfaces with antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning agents to leave the area sanitized.

The technicians are alert to the signs of mold growth during the cleanup of a home post-flooding. The setup of an infestation can occur as rapidly as 48 hours after this type of water damage in a home. Mold colonies, in particular, can grow and spread on wood studs and sheetrock, and that is where the techs concentrate the use of antimicrobial agents to inhibit the potential for mold to be an issue. This attention to drying the structure and avoidance of the secondary problems ensures the repairs can start quickly to bring the home to its pre-flood condition.

SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 serves the local community for any size flood water removal needed. The certified techs know how to handle this home disaster safely and can restore your home back to normal, "Like it never even happened."

What Service Do Homeowners Use for Water Emergencies?

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

wooden box dropping with a parachute Open the wooden container to allow SERVPRO technicians to mitigate the water damage from your Seattle home. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Seattle Homeowners Use Local Water Restoration Companies to Mitigate Damages and Recover Losses after Water Emergencies. SERVPRO has Qualified Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) in the Local Area.

Are water restoration services worth it?

The extent of damage that your Seattle home sustains often depends on mitigation and emergency services. Wet items and structure can quickly deteriorate without professional attention. For many homeowners, access to drying equipment within a narrow timeframe may be limited. For example, a carpet can absorb moisture rapidly and can become moldy in as little as seventy-two hours.

Professional restorers are aware of the various types of water damage in Seattle properties with access to both the equipment and the expertise to control your home losses. Mitigation can save you significant expenses in the long run. SERVPRO can mobilize equipment and technicians within four hours of receiving notification of loss.

What does a typical restoration team look like?

  • One crew chief with the experience and leadership to direct the restoration
  • At least one qualified production technician
  • A fully-stocked van with drying equipment and cleaning agents

What is the most effective mitigation for wet properties?

Water restoration companies know that drying your Seattle home is the most effective way of mitigating losses. Efficient drying can depend on many factors, including the layout, size, and materials in your home's structure. Minor to moderate water damage can sometimes be dried without removing furniture- a system known as in-place drying. In other situations, technicians may detach carpets and 'float' them using air-moving technology. In short, since no two properties are identical, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to drying. SERVPRO technicians are capable of inspecting your property professionally and deciding on the most effective mitigation techniques.

What types of drying systems are useful in residential properties?

  • Closed-system drying where access to outdoor air is controlled
  • Open-system drying using natural ventilation with box fans and open windows
  • Drying tents that can concentrate drying on a localized area

Preventing losses and performing effective mitigation can help to keep your claims expense low. Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500.

How Does a Homeowner Rid Their Seattle Home of Strong Smoke Odor?

9/20/2020 (Permalink)

burned living room with furniture and items everywhere A fire in your home can have lasting effects if not taken care of properly. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for professional remediation services in your home.

SERVPRO Uses a Variety of Odor Removal Techniques in your Seattle Home

Without a doubt, smoke odor is one of the most significant challenges for homeowners after a house fire in Seattle. Even if the damage appears minimal, the smell of smoke can permeate throughout your home for weeks and possibly even months if left unattended. A surface-level clean does not suffice when attempting to remove odors. Before you consider all the cleaning products you may need, it is first essential to remove the odor's source. If you left something burning on the stove, the first thing you should do is remove the burnt items from your home.

Does Every Fire Require Fogging After a Fire to Remove Odor?

Each House Fire Requires an Individualized Plan to Remove Odor

During the fire restoration process in your Seattle home, our trained fire specialists attack smoke odor from several angles to best rid your home of the unpleasant smell. Simply fogging your home after a fire does not have the same effectiveness as fogging in conjunction with using masking agents and cleaning thoroughly with disinfectants.

What are some types of deodorization equipment and products?

  • Thermal and ULV foggers replicate smoke particles that can travel throughout the home and reach the same tiny spaces where the smoke particles landed previously. Fogging usually requires residents to vacate the property.
  • Air scrubbers pull air particles into the scrubbing machine, run the air through several filters before exhausting it back into the impacted space. 
  • Ozone cleaners release ozone into the air to remove odors. Ozone should be administered carefully as it poses health risks when breathed in by people.
  • Deodorizers absorb the odor but often are not enough on their own.
  • Masking agents cover odors with strong pleasant scents but again are often insufficient on their own.

For assistance attacking malodor after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle. We make it, "Like it never even happened." (206) 282-9500.

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Does Hiring A Professional Fire Damage Restorer Inflate Costs?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

"Contact us" Seattle, your fire damage needs SERVPRO’s tools and reliability. Give us a call today at (206) 282-9500.

When SERVPRO Handles Fire Damage Restoration in Seattle Properties, We Help the owners Find Cost-Effective Ways of Resolving Issues.

Since fire damage restoration involves standard tasks such as cleaning, tearing down materials, and repainting surfaces, you may wonder whether hiring a professional restoration company is the right option or whether to opt for alternatives such as using handymen. SERVPRO provides a practical answer to this question for Seattle residents by helping them find cost-efficient solutions to issues such as item repair, living arrangements, and security of the structure. 

How can professionals change the cost of repairing items? 

You might consider fire damage restoration when your Seattle property is affected as a static process whereby the cost of repairing items is determined by the damage extent and the hourly rate of the person you hire to fix the problem. However, professional restorers like SERVPRO understand that the chosen renovation method can have a significant impact on the total cost. When renovating items, the options range from: 

  • Cleaning the affected items 
  • Resurfacing the damaged areas 
  • Replacing the items 

Cleaning is the cheapest option, followed by resurfacing. If it is not possible to salvage an item, replacement is the only option, and it is the costliest option. Our SERVPRO technicians follow the established principles of cleaning that guarantee a positive outcome, including: 

  • Careful item inspection to reveal all smoke residues 
  • Identifying the residue types found in affected areas 
  • Identifying the surface type 
  • Capturing and removing residues 

Since we aim to help you enjoy the benefits of cleaning, which is the cheapest option, our technicians take all steps necessary to guarantee a positive outcome. For instance, locating all traces of smoke residues ensures that problems like lingering odors, which can make cleaning seem ineffective, are resolved. We also establish the residue types involved to ensure that the chosen cleaning method works. For instance, an area predominantly affected by wet smoke residues would be difficult, if not impossible, to clean with methods that work against dry smoke residues. On the other hand, washing an area with layers of dry smoke residues is likely to push them deeper into the material, unlike an alternative such as vacuuming, which lifts off residues from the surface. When cleaning your property, we resolve any issues that would otherwise require additional restoration processes. 

How does accommodation factor into the cost of fire damage? 

A fire damaged property poses various hazards to the occupants because of fine residues such as ash and soot, which, if breathed in, can cause respiratory problems. Other hazards, such as damaged electrical cables and weakened structural elements, compound the problem further and might force you to seek alternative accommodation during the renovation period. Moving out of your home because of fire leads to various complications, including: 

  • Accumulation of additional living costs 
  • Disconnection from your preferred utilities such as cable or internet 
  • Messing with your daily schedules 

Our SERVPRO technicians can help you address the accommodation-related issues in different ways. We send enough technicians equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to your loss site to ensure faster completion of the restoration process.  

Another alternative is to create safe living quarters within the damaged property. Our crew members clean utility areas such as bathrooms or kitchen. We can also set up physical barriers to isolate damaged areas from the rest of the house, thus allowing you to enjoy the benefits of staying within the structure without endangering your health. 

Which aspects of security affect the cost of restoration? 

A fire-damaged property needs to be secured for various reasons, including the possibility of damages worsening when weather elements reach the interior of the house. People and animals can also cause unnecessary damages if given unfettered access to the facility.  

Our SERVPRO technicians can find ways to stop the unnecessary damages from happening by securing the property. We board up various openings, including doors, windows, and any other holes on the walls. If the fire breached the roof, we install roof tarps to seal off the interior. We can also help set up a temporary fence around the property where necessary.   

Apart from eliminating unnecessary costs, securing the property also allows the renovation to progress at a fair speed because external factors do not cause any interference. In addition, you might have the opportunity to carry out in-depth evaluation or other processes without worrying about other challenges such as weather-related deterioration of the property. 

Hiring a professional to restore your fire-damaged property should not introduce unnecessary costs. SERVPRO of Central Seattle can help you find cost-effective ways to resolve the problem. Call us at (206) 282-9500 to assist you. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Is the Quickest Method to Reopen My Seattle Business After a Fire?

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

fire isolated over black background To learn more or schedule a service visit, call SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 today.

To Quickly, And Safely, Reopen Your Seattle Business, Call SERVPRO Today

Why Can’t I Simply Wash Everything Down Myself?

For businesses, commercial fire damage cleanup in Seattle requires a thorough inspection to see what can be restored or must be demolished and replaced. Where most of the contents are destroyed, SERVPRO estimators inspect the building to determine which cleaning methods are needed to restore the building to a condition safe for customers and employees.

What Methods Do Technicians Use?

We have two sets of methods, Washable and Non-Washable. Our restoration technicians examine every surface affected to determine which method removes smoke residues without damaging the surface or the material (wood, for example) underneath.

    •    Washable items and materials are those that can be cleaned with water or some type of liquid cleaning agent. Examples include glass and metal, such as interior, office doors, and steel countertops in breakrooms or bathrooms. Technicians use cleaners in spray bottles for small areas or spray wands to cover large areas for faster work.
    •    Non-Washable items and materials which cannot be cleaned with water or liquid cleaning agents. Technicians using either can further damage affected items like drywall and untreated wood, or ruin untouched items like ceiling tiles located at the end of the facility where the fire did not reach. In this situation, they use brushes and cloths to remove residues. For thicker layers of residues, technicians have the option of a dry solvent that breaks them up with no harm to the surfaces. The dry solvents are very effective on oil- and grease-based residues.

What About Physical Damage?

If the fire or efforts to put it out result in broken doors and windows, SERVPRO team members can quickly board up both to help prevent weather-related problems, animal intrusions, and other issues. We have carpenters on staff, and can quickly rebuild much of the interior wall support structure.

To learn more or schedule a service visit, call SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 today.

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Who Looks After my Home During a Temporary Flood Evacuation?

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

Home in flood water Storms can bring floodwater and storm damage. The professionals at SERVPRO are always on call to handle your water damage restoration needs.

SERVPRO Restores Flood Damage at Seattle Residences After Storm Related Flooding.

How much harm can a storm flood cause?

Floods are one of the top natural disasters causing property damage to occur to Seattle. When combined with adverse weather conditions like high winds or heavy rainfall, the impact of a flood on your home can be catastrophic. 

We are a service that gears toward flood recovery for residents. Our teams are professionally qualified, holding certificates in water damage restoration (WRT), general construction (OSHA), and applied structural drying (ASD) as well as many other contents or structure-related certifications. When you use SERVPRO, you can trust that we have the experience and the expertise to restore your home to its preloss condition. Since we have a comprehensive roster of skills among our technicians as well as affiliations with essential building, construction, and housing associations in the area, it is likely that you only have to deal with one restoration company from start to finish.

Is general construction necessary after property flooding?

When dealing with storm-related flood damage in your Seattle residents, we are likely to find several physical harm areas. These may include doorways, windows, or sometimes structural harm that can affect your home's overall integrity. Multiple regions of damage make storms repair more complicated than regular water or fire-related property issues. To return your home to a preloss condition, we must assess the immediate concerns, such as draining the property and rebuilding broken materials or entranceways. Since floodwaters can contain contamination, it is often essential to remove porous building materials from the property altogether. These areas may include things like drywall, which must be removed after contacting floodwaters and replaced.

What stages are there in flood restoration?

- Assessment and scoping for potential hazards

- Mitigative procedure to reduce harm-causing aspects like water migration

- Repair and reconstruction of the structure 

In an emergency, it is vital to use professional, qualified storm repair technicians. Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282- 9500.

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Can You Repair Water Damaged Exterior Walls?

8/11/2020 (Permalink)

Outside view of brick home Didyou know that masonry can experience water damage? SERVPRO SERVPRO knows how to restore your home.

SERVPRO Technicians Are Qualified to Mitigate Water Damage to Walls, Ceilings, and Floors 

If you drive through Seattle, you might find yourself at the Pink Elephant Car Wash sign, located on Battery Street. It is the most photographed spot in Seattle, not the Space Needle, as many people believe. The Pink Elephant is a delightful place to visit, and one the locals enjoy seeing. What they do not enjoy is dealing with water damage from a burst pipe or bathtub overflow. 

How Difficult is it to Restore Exterior Walls? 

Exterior walls can be impacted by water intrusion due to standing water at the base or from water flowing down via the ceiling or an upper level. Because insulation fills the walls in your home, restoration can be challenging to restore but not impossible. Water restoration companies in Seattle, such as SERVPRO, mitigate this type of problem regularly.  

Dealing with Insulation 

Insulation slows down the drying time because it blocks airflow. But that does not mean your walls cannot be dried. Fiberglass insulation that has been impacted by clean water is an example of what can get restored. There are benefits to drying structural elements versus replacing the walls. It can be costly to replace sheetrock or other similar components. Extended drying times also means less disruption to your home. When the exterior walls have the moisture removed, there is less controlled demolition. To increase airflow, the technicians can: 

  • Drill holes in the bottom, and if needed the top, of the wall.
  • Drill holes in cabinetry if attached.
  • Constantly monitor dew point temperatures. 
  • Check to make ensure there is no water containment in the walls.
  • Make sure no vapor barrier is slowing the drying process  

What About the Cinder Block Walls in My Garage? 

Numerous things are impacting drying cinder blocks. This type of wall has open cells that can equalize with the surroundings if enough time passes. The problem this presents is the water that they can hold when that happens. Painting the blocks with gloss or semi-gloss paint creates a vapor barrier to lock in moisture. If necessary, the team drills larger holes to allow for better air circulation and drainage. 

The same problem can exist with cinder blocks when the exterior walls contain insulation. It slows the drying down considerably. Block walls often include the following types of insulation: 

  • Vermiculite
  • Cellulosic
  • Foam
  • Fiberglass 

Slower drying can reduce the effectiveness of certain insulations. Often codes require bond beams included with block walls, which impact drying times as well. 

My Garage Has Concrete Floors 

Concrete floors are porous, so when water wicks up, it leaves chalk-like calcium deposits. These deposits can typically get brushed off easily. Painted concrete can flake or blister and may need repainting. SERVPRO cleans concrete by using HEPA vacuums. Mold can grow where there are dirt or surface films, so if required, the techs apply an EPA-registered disinfectant. 

Comprehensive Water Damage Services 

If the exterior walls of your home and the cinder blocks of your garage have water damage in Seattle, there is a good chance other structural elements were affected. The contents of the house may need cleaning. Furniture may need reupholstering. SERVPRO’s teams are Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified. They are experts in all types of water intrusion mitigation. There is no need to procure a cleaning business, a repair service, and a carpet cleaning service. We are a comprehensive water restoration company with the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to get the job done. We can clean and restore: 

  • Structural elements of your home.
  • Household goods such as dishes and pans.
  • Documents, books, and photos.
  • Carpet and flooring.
  • Linens and draperies.
  • Toys and keepsakes. 

If on-site cleaning is possible, we move items away from the affected area for washing. If content needs removed, we provide pack-out services. The water damaged material is taken to our secure warehouses and professionally cleaned and restored. We inventory each item, and everything gets returned to where it was formerly. 

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster 

Customer service is everything to our professional Green Teams. As homeowners, we understand how something as simple as a burst pipe can disrupt your life. That’s why we are fast to any disaster, no matter how big or small. We want our daily lives to run smoothly and know you do too. We strive to work with your insurance company, so all aspects of the water restoration process are as smooth as possible. 

Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 today. Of all the water restoration companies you can hire, choose one who is fast on the scene, professional, and cares.

When Would I Need A Professional Water Restoration Company in Seattle?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

A man sitting on a couch with standing water in the home. No matter how the water came to find its way into your Seattle property, SERVPRO can always help.

Any Time Emergency Water Mitigation is Needed in Seattle SERVPRO’s Trained Technicians Are Ready to Go

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner in Seattle, you hope never to need the help or a professional restoration company. But it is good to know that a company you can trust is available if something should happen.

Do I Just Need Help for Something Major Like a Flood?

Often the belief is that only a major event like a flood or severe water damage from something like a burst pipe while you are away needs professional help. But there are many scenarios where using water restoration companies in Seattle is wise. Even a minor water intrusion from a situation such as an overflowing toilet can require professional help. Here is what SERVPRO can do in any size water damage situation:

  • Cleanup from primary damage
  • Prevent secondary damage 
  • Prevent small issues from becoming large ones
  • Clean, repair and restore the structure and content

Professional Technicians Trained for Any Size Disaster

Understanding that even small water losses can require professional help means you are prepared to protect your home. With all the water restoration companies around, there are many reasons to turn to SERVPRO. These include:

  • Our Technicians – They are Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified. They complete additional intense training. They never stop learning the best way to handle water and fire damage.
  • Our Experience – Our company has years of in the field experience that goes hand-in-hand with our training.
  • Our Equipment & Technology – We use the right equipment for the job and have the latest in advanced technology when it comes to restoration

Customer service is important to us. Our company is there when you need us, around the clock, every day of the week. Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 for expert water restoration service.