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How Likely Is an Integrated Process of Fire Damage Restoration in Seattle?

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Home fires can take a toll on your spirit. Let SERVPRO handle all the work for you from beginning to end.Fire restoration is a specialty of theirs.

SERVPRO's In-House Contracting Division Limits Delays and Extra Expenses During Fire Damage Restoration in Seattle

A warm, dry spring in Seattle 1889 set the stage for a citywide conflagration that became known as the Great Seattle Fire. The relative lack of moisture and other circumstances combined to create conditions for a disaster that changed both the look and the regulation of city infrastructure—reflecting upon the path taken after this momentous fire informed fire safety approaches in the Northwest and elsewhere in the country.

What Specific Event Caused the Great Seattle Fire?

John Back, a worker in Victor Clairmont's woodworking shop located at what is now First Avenue and Madison Avenue, made a pair of mistakes that would completely change the landscape of Seattle. At roughly 2:15 pm June 6, 1889, a pot of glue Back heated to secure materials together in the workshop boiled, spilling over the top. The glue poured into the gasoline fire beneath and burst into flame. Quickly the fire spread to the floor, where it immediately ignited fuels in the form of scattered wood chips and drips of turpentine. Back tried to douse the fire with water, but the oil-based turpentine was lighter than the water, resulting in the flames' rapid spread.

Did Seattle Have a Fire Department in 1889?

An all-volunteer fire fighting force attempted to quell the burning once they gained notice of the emergency. It took 30 minutes for the volunteers to arrive, and by that time, the smoke was so dense planning for effective interventions was nearly impossible. The nearby Dietz and Mayer Liquor store and two saloons fueled an uptick in the fire's intensity, resulting in the entire Seattle block from Marion to Madison leaping into flames. Complicating matters was the bad luck that the Fire Chief Josiah Collins was in San Francisco at a firefighting convention rather than in the city to guide the rescue.

Was the Seattle Water Supply Up to the Challenge of the Great Fire?

For firefighters, a significant limitation in battling the fire was Seattle's rudimentary water system's inadequacy. A private enterprise, the Spring Hill Water Company, controlled the water provision in the city. Flaws in the configuration included:

  • Hydrants were widely spaced, located on every other street.
  • Piping was narrow in diameter.
  • Pipes were frequently crafted of wood -- hollowed-out logs -- that caught fire during the disaster.
  • Low water pressure that decreased further during the fight, preventing meaningful hose use
  • Pumping water from Elliott Bay was ineffective because the tide was out, and attached hoses were too short to reach various burning buildings.

Did the Community Support the Firefighting Effort?

Unfortunately, many of the citizens of Seattle exacerbated the situation by harassing the volunteers, blaming them for insufficient water pressure. Rather than assisting, townspeople criticized the firefighters as the winds picked up, spreading the fire to the: 

  • Commercial Mill
  • Coleman Building
  • Opera House 

The acting Fire Chief James Murphy was stripped of command by Mayor Robert Moran. Moran attempted to stop the spread of the fire by detonating the Colman block. The flames jumped over the block, consuming the wharves and moving up the hill in the direction of Second Avenue.

What Was the Fire Experience Like for Seattle Residents?

Fewer than two hours in, it was clear that the city center would not survive the blaze. The region surrounding Seattle was becoming aware of the crisis as smoke was visible from Tacoma. The distinctive roar of an out-of-control fire was reported to be audible miles away from the city as it raged unabated. The city sought help from Tacoma, Portland, and Victoria, British Columbia, but it did not come fast enough. Many buildings burned to the ground, but the Courthouse was saved by Lawrence Booth, who scaled the roof and poured water down the sides. Bucket brigades saved a few other commercial and residential properties.

How Did the Fire in Seattle Resolve?

Approximately twelve and a half hours after it started, the fire burned out at 3:00 am June 7, 1889. Over 120 acres burned, comprising an area of 25 city blocks. No accurate death toll was recorded, but the fire's cost is estimated to have totaled $20,000,000. The rebuilding of the city began immediately, with neighboring communities raising and contributing funds. Twelve months later, 465 buildings sprung up. Businesses reopened, and life continued, with an increase in the population of 33 percent.

Were There Permanent Changes in Seattle's Operations Because of the Fire?

The community of Seattle took the opportunity to reconsider the delivery of essential services during the aftermath of the fire. Enhancing fire safety into the future included: 

  • The volunteer fire department disbanded.
  • A professional firefighting organization was in place by October 1889.
  • Seattle took charge of the water supply:
  • Increasing pipe diameters.
  • Ridding the system of wooden pipes.
  • Adding hydrants.

What Can Professional Seattle Fire Damage Restoration Offer Seattle Residents?

Modern firefighting techniques have improved dramatically over the past 130 plus years. Many buildings are saved but need fire damage restoration in Seattle. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians can deliver an outstanding outcome for property owners, always aiming to make it "Like it never even happened." We use our skills, experience, and advanced equipment to complete the following after a fire:

  • Assessing your property for safety hazards and using industry best practices to control the dangers so restoration can proceed
  • Removing firefighting water and contaminants
  • Performing structural drying
  • Evaluating residues and matching them with efficient removal products, tools, and techniques
  • Deodorizing the spaces

Who Can Help Seattle Residents with Post-Fire Build Back?

After fire damage restoration in Seattle, SERVPRO is uniquely positioned to tear out, repair, and replace irreparably damaged building materials. Our in-house construction division avoids your need to find and hire additional contractors. This saves you stress, time, and expense.

Rely on the wrap-around restoration assistance of SERVPRO of Central Seattle to resolve the issues presented by a household fire aftermath. Call us at (206) 282-9500 to schedule an assessment as soon as the fire department gives the go-ahead.

Get Ready for The Festive Season in Foster Island with Winterfest

12/22/2020 (Permalink)

Small leak in pipe and water leaking out 'Tis the season for....burst pipes! SERVPRO is standing by for all of your water damage restoration needs.

Enjoy Festivities at The Seattle Center or From Your Foster Island Home

The Seattle Center is well known for its winter festivities – and this year, it is offering both on-site and virtual options so you can take part in Winterfest at home if you like.  

  • Watch seasonal festive videos and learn about winter crafts, traditions, and cooking from around the globe.
  • Enjoy performances from up-and-coming local artists thanks to the online student showcase.
  • Download winter coloring pages and enter a coloring contest to win prizes.
  • See what’s happening in the fictional festive town of Centerville with the downloadable Centerville times.
  • View the online art exhibition. 

Winterfest runs until 31 December and is free to attend in person or online. 

As the temperature drops, there is more risk of burst pipes in the home. If you need help with water damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500.

All Aboard the Yuletide Express in Seattle This December

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

platter of Christmas cookies; greenry beside plate Enjoy a train ride and cookies aboard the Yuletide Express!

Take A Ride Through the Magic of Christmas In Seattle 

Visit the Northwest Railway Museum for a festive train trip this December. Hop on board the Yuletide express for a 25-minute ride, beginning at the Snoqualmie Depot in Snoqualmie. 

  • Ride in festively decorated antique coaches.
  • Take a trip to Snoqualmie Falls and back with Santa and his elves.
  • Every child receives a small present from Santa, and every rider of any age gets two cookies!
  • Fare also includes admission to the Train Shed Exhibition Hall to learn more about the Northwest Railway history. 

Tickets are $24 for everyone aged two and up. You must purchase tickets online in advance. Slots are available until December 19. Vouchers are also available for up to 15% off local accommodation – contact the Northwest Railway Museum for more details.  

Whether your business is a train museum, a shop, or an eatery, it is essential to deal with any mold issues. For help with mold remediation, call SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500.

Explore the Arts in Seattle

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up side view of horn We don't like to blow our own horn, but SERVPRO is your trusted choice for storm damage!

Seattle Has Something for All Lovers of Art and Music  

With a population of 3.98 million, Seattle is Washington's biggest city. This modern, eclectic seaport City has a long history. The territory has been settled for at least four thousand years. The first European to visit the site was George Vancouver, who visited in 1792 as part of an expedition mapping out the Pacific Northwest. In 1851, Luther Collins and many explorers found the area and formally claimed the land. 

Since its founding, Seattle has experienced periods of both boom and bust. It has been a prosperous timber town, and it experienced an enormous boom due to the Klondike gold rush. In more recent times, Seattle has been a prolific producer of aircraft and software. Many large companies are based near Seattle, including: 

  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • Microsoft
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Starbucks 

However, Seattle is not just about commerce! The city has a rich and distinct cultural scene, and visitors come from far and wide to experience its music, theater, and festivals. 

Seattle Is the Place for Festivals 

Seattle is home to many festivals. These range from city-wide celebrations to street fairs, book fairs, and parades in the different city districts. Some of the most popular Seattle festivals include: 

  • The Seattle Art Fair is a yearly event that celebrates modern and contemporary art. Collectors and artists from all over the Pacific Northwest gather to view and buy art from across the globe and show off their work. The event features public educational programming to spread love and appreciation for art. 
  • The Bite of Seattle takes place each July and is the ideal destination for food lovers. The festival is formerly known as Albert Lee Appliance Bite of Seattle, but everyone calls it "The Bite." The Bite is free to attend and features over 200 vendors each year. As well as the chance to sample plenty of delicious local food, The Bite includes live entertainment, beer tasting, cooking demonstrations, children's activities.
  • Northwest Folklife takes place every Memorial Day weekend and celebrates the Pacific Northwest region's rich cultural heritage. The festival features traditional, ethnic, and folk crafts, music, and performances. The organizers focus on a different culture each year. Previous themes include Bulgarian Culture, Arab-American Life, and Maritime Culture. As well as scheduled performances, the festival features buskers and plenty of free jamming sessions. Many visitors come just for the exhilaration of playing music with friends. 

Seafair celebrates Seattle's maritime heritage. The event starts small, with local street parties and parades, and grows into a delightful city-wide celebration. Annual events include a milk carton derby (where each boat must be made from milk cartons), hydroplane races, the arrival of the Seattle Pirates, flying demonstrations from the Blue Angels, and a half marathon. The festival ends with the torchlight parade, which first started in 1950.  

Explore Seattle's Rich Music and Film Scene 

Seattle has long been associated with music. The city was significant in the rise of both Grunge (it is considered the home of Grunge) and Garage Rock. Jimi Hendrix spent his formative years in Seattle, while founding members of the band Heart started in Bellevue. Seattle is home to such varied acts as the rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot, several avant-garde jazz acts, and pop bands like The Presidents Of The United States Of America.  

Seattle is also home to several distinguished performing arts groups: 

  • The Seattle Opera is known for its high-class performances, especially of the works of Richard Wagner.
  • The Seattle Flute Society is one of the oldest flute societies in the nation.
  • The Seattle Symphony Orchestra is one of the most-frequently recorded orchestras in the country and is over a century old.
  • The Pacific Northwest Ballet is ranked as one of the top three ballet training schools in North America.
  • The Seattle Youth Symphony is the largest symphonic youth association in the country. 

Seattle also hosts several film festivals each year. The most famous of these is the Seattle International Film Festival, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors a year, and has been a regular event since 1976. The festival features mostly independent and foreign language films, along with many documentaries. There is also a Polish Film Festival that showcases the best of Polish cinema, and Bumbershoot, a performing arts festival aiming to bring the arts to everyone. 

Seattle Is Not Without Flood Risks 

In 2006, heavy rains overwhelmed the city's drainage system, causing a flood that took a resident's life. The incident made Seattle residents more aware of the potential for flooding in the area.   

Seattle's location means it has multiple flood risks. It is close to Lake Washington and the Puget Sound, and the Duwamish River runs through it. With over 200 miles of waterfront, river and coastal flooding are real concerns. There is also a risk of creek flooding – Thorton Creek and Longfellow Creek have flooded in the past.   

SERVPRO advises Seattle residents to stay alert to flood risks. It is a good idea to check with weather agencies or download an app. 

Protect Your Seattle Home from Storms 

You cannot stop a storm from approaching, but you can take steps to protect your home. 

Make sure your residence is in good repair. When a storm hits, it is too late to fix that leaking window or replace a missing roof tile. Make it part of your chores routine to check the roof, doors, windows, downpipes, and gutters on your home and make sure they are sound. If you notice a problem, do not delay – deal with it immediately.  

Consider whether it is worth installing a storm door if you live in an area with hefty winds and rains.  

You might also keep the materials for sandbags on hand. Please familiarize yourself with how to make them, so you can put them together as soon as you know a storm is on the way. 

If your home suffers flood damage, call SERVPRO as soon as you can. Our technicians are on hand to dry, clean, and deodorize your home, and leave it, "Like it never even happened." 

Do not let flood damage bring you down – SERVPRO of Central Seattle is here to help. Call us at (206) 282-9500.

Enjoy a Winter Walk along the Puget Sound by Taking the Foster Island Trails this November.

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

Seattle, WA skyline We hope to see you at the Foster Island Trails!

Take a Break From the Busy Life of Central Seattle by Walking this Stunning National Trail.

Walking along Puget Sound is a beautiful way to enjoy hiking on your back doorstep. While many events this year are canceled due to Covid restrictions, this breezy trail offers some stunning views and woodland. Beginning at the Washington Park Arboretum on East Foster Island Road. The trail passes along Duck Bay, which attracts kayakers all year round. Pass through forests on the wide walkway and cross under Highway 520. From here, there is a hillock leading to a large Lake overlooking the Husky Stadium. The circular trails ensure that you return to your parking spot at the end of your walk for easy access back into the city.

    •    Observe the stunning wetland wildlife of Union Bay
    •    Pass the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in Lake Union Park
    •    Take a spot overlooking the Historic University of Washington Campus and grounds.

Foster Island wildfires and prescribed burnings could affect your property with smoke or soot damages. To ensure a quick recovery and mitigate damages, contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500.

Spend the Weekend Touring Seattle's World Famous Market

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Seattle, WA skyline We hope you enjoy touring Seattle's World Famous Market!

Pike Place is a Signature of Seattle that Attracts Thousands of People Each Year. Weekend Tours are Running from November 27th.

Pike Place Market is famous for Seattle's tradition of throwing fish before packaging them up for delighted customers. This winter, take an insiders tour of this landmark and experience the flavors at the heart of Seattle's community. Among the core features of this two-hour foot, tour is the legendary fish markets and our booming Chocolate industry. The tour offers tasting sessions of award-winning clam chowder, Daily Dozen Donuts, Beecher's Handmade Cheese- an Oprah Winfrey Favorite- as well as the Russian delicacy Piroshky Piroshky. There's a lot to enjoy, so book tickets for the end of November and give yourself an early Christmas present.

    •    Sample more than 14 different stalls and markets
    •    Tour locations start at 1st Avenue and Pike Street
    •    Morning and afternoon tours are available
    •    Learn where the tradition of throwing fish comes from and why it has been so crucial to the lifespan of Pike Place Market.

As colder weather draws in, chances of heavy rainfall and storm conditions increase for Seattle residents. Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 for help repairing property damages.

SERVPRO Has Been Helping Seattle Residents by Performing Water Damage Cleanup On-time and On-budget

11/14/2020 (Permalink)

Seattle, WA skyline Call our team of professionals if your property is damaged!

SERVPRO of Central Seattle is On-call Twenty-Four-Hours a Day to Help Restore your Property.

Seattle is the biggest city in Washington State, with 744,995 residents and a thriving business community. Situated on the Westcoast, mountains, forestry, and water surround this city. In recent years, our city has become a booming tech hub with notable luminaries such as Microsoft and Amazon setting up headquarters in the Pacific Northwest. At the heart of Seattle is a community that opens its arms to visitors from all over the globe, whether they visit the iconic Pike Place Market overlooking Elliot Bay or cheering on the Seattle Sounders at the Century Link Field. Seattle is an egalitarian city that celebrates a rich cultural heritage and fuses it with technological innovation.

Living along Puget Sound comes with its fair share of culinary benefits. The result of this unique combination of the Pacific Ocean and the Salish Sea is a city that caters to all tastes. Pike Place Fish Market and its unique tradition of throwing fish before bagging it up for customers are known across the United States, and the market takes in up to 10,000 visitors each day. Take a trip down to Seattle's very own China Town International District between Pioneer Square, SoDo, and Ranier Valley to experience the unique flavors of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese foods. Alternatively, get out of the city and visit Washington State's Woodinville Wine Country, which has over a hundred wineries and distributes bottles worldwide.

Top spots for visiting in Seattle:

    •    View the city from 605 feet by climbing the iconic Space Needle. From this height, you can see Elliott Bay, the Cascade Mountains, and Mount Rainier.
    •    The Museum of Flight holds one of the largest aviation machine collections in the United States, including an Air Force One and a Lunar Rover or tour the real-life, fully-operating Boeing factory in Mukilteo.
    •    Visit the roastery of Seattle's own international coffee-house Starbucks on Capitol Hill before heading to Phinney Avenue to sample unique Chocalatieers, Theo Chocolate.

The history of Seattle's Pioneer Place from the 19th to the 21st Century
Pioneer place is a culturally significant part of Seattle that still offers a rich, warming experience to visitors and residents. The square connects the Bay, China Town International, and hosts some of the world's largest tech companies. But Pioneer Place is also the first district of the city we now call Seattle and was initially set-up as early as 1852 when settlers put up temporary buildings to allow easy access to trade points along Elliot Bay.

    •    The original Pioneer Place is unrecognizable from today's incarnation due to the great Seattle fire of 1889, which destroyed the primarily wooden structures and buildings that made-up downtown Seattle.
    •    The 40,000 healthy residents of Seattle reconstructed Pioneer Place in 1890 using stone and masonry built directly above the old Pioneer Square to allow for modern drainage systems.
    •    By the 20th Century, this unique place became a halfway house for the Klondike Gold Rush stampeders who took to Seattle as a final stop-off before heading on to Alaska.

From the sixties onwards, Pioneer Square was targeted for urban redevelopment, which has led to it becoming the cultural and technological hub that is today.

Exploring Seattle's Bustling Neighborhoods
Seattle is a city made up of almost twenty neighborhoods, with each area providing a distinctive feel to those who visit. Exploring central Seattle is easy thanks to the Center Monorail service, which takes a one-mile tour through skyscrapers, the needle, and downtown's Westlake Center. Further afield, the city offers West Coast beaches, boardwalks, restaurants, and greenery of Kerry Park and the Cascade Mountains. Some of our favorite spots include:

    •    West Seattle is a waterfront town within a city that offers a blend of eateries, coffee shops, and fresh bakeries. The nearby waterfront is a connecting line between downtown and the West Coast, which enjoys sunshine throughout the summer months and plenty to do on the local piers. Seattle Art Museum is just an hour away from those enjoying the waterfront.
    •    The University District is a celebration of innovation and academic excellence. This district features stunning period architecture and the Pacific Science Center, including a Planetarium and interactive exhibits all year round.
    •    Capitol Hill is a district which takes a novel approach to nightlife. Must-sees include the Elliot Bay Book Company on 10th Avenue, Capitol Cider's on East Pike Street, and the Rock Box of Nagle Place for homebrews and night long Karaoke.

SERVPRO is a Leading Provider of Water Damage Cleanup for Seattle Residents and Businesses.

The downside of being on the West Coast is its propensity to suffer water damage issues. Seattle suffers from coastal, riverine, and urban flooding periodically. A burst pipe or water leak could cause serious harm to your property without correct drying and restoration outside of natural disasters. Our technicians are qualified to assess and dry your home using proven methodologies as well as equipment. Often, secondary damages that a property suffers, such as a mold growth, can result from incomplete drying. We ensure that your home suffers minimal losses and protect it from damages further down the line.
    •    Our technicians hold qualifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification Body (IICRC), allowing us to confidently perform a range of mitigation and cleanup in residential properties.
    •    Water leaks can affect the material assembly of your home. SERVPRO technicians can measure the extent of water absorption to ensure that we do not miss a drop during the drying process. Our industry-leading drying equipment includes dehumidifiers, air movers, and Ultra-low volume thermal foggers (ULV)
    •    Our Crew Chiefs can keep you informed every step of the way, including providing specialty restoration services, advice on protecting your home from future damage, and providing time or cost estimates.

If a water leak in your property threatens to damage the structure and contents, contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500.

What Does Water Mitigation Mean?

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage on a ceiling. Regardless if it is water damage to your home or business, SERVPRO is standing by for assistance. Call us today Seattle.

SERVPRO’s Water Mitigation Efforts Prevent Further Damage from Impacting Your Seattle Property and Belongings

Time is of the essence when you have a water incident at your Seattle property. SERVPRO features skilled technicians ready to handle mitigation to prevent further damage to your interior, whether commercial or residential. With a single phone call, you have a crew on-site within hours to begin cleanup to protect your building’s integrity. The only way to prevent significant damage and mitigate the related restoration and repair costs is to act as quickly as possible. The good news is that our emergency team is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Why Call SERVPRO for Mitigation Efforts?

Our IICRC-certified technicians can handle water mitigation in Seattle regardless of the size or scope of the task at hand. We know what to look for, including any of the potential signs of water damage, such as:

  • Floor damage – There could be hidden damage lurking under the surface. If you notice wood or laminate floor that is buckling, linoleum peeling, or grouted tile loosening, then you may have an issue that calls for professional restoration.
  • Wall damage – Swollen walls become a telltale sign that water is a problem from within. Before bloating, walls may also present with peeling paint, cracking, bubbling wallpaper, or feel soft to the touch. 
  • Mold damage – Due to the potential for health effects, mold is never anything to ignore. Any damp, dark areas of your Seattle property should be inspected regularly. If you ever notice musty odors of visible mold, this points to a moisture issue that must be addressed carefully. 

Water mitigation efforts keep the cost of your project lower, but you also enjoy a remedy sooner. SERVPRO has proven methods, and we adjust our actions accordingly to meet or exceed our drying goals. 

Do you need help with water mitigation? We have a restoration crew ready to go 24/7 at SERVPRO of Central Seattle. Call (206) 282-9500, and we will send out our Green Fleet to begin restoring your interior to preloss condition.

Is it Healthy to Work in a Moldy Seattle Building?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing in the corner of a room near a window Keeping your workers safe when mold is present should be the main concern. Contact SERVPRO for quick remediation and mitigation services.

Commercial Mold Remediation for Seattle Businesses Can Help Reduce Business Interruption. SERVPRO Technicians are Here to Help.

Are heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems causing mold?

Large offices and workspaces in Seattle generally control humidity or temperature with a central HVAC system. When working correctly, these systems help prevent mold spread by correcting moisture problems in the workplace. However, if an HVAC ceases to function appropriately, it can become a root cause for microbial organisms by transporting spores throughout the building. Mold causes health effects for workers and operators within a commercial building. Reducing a mold issue early on can prevent spreading and safeguard against potential business interruption. SERVPRO is an experienced provider for microbial growth control.

Who is responsible for correcting a microbial growth issue?

  • Building managers must provide safe, sanitary conditions for a workforce in a commercial building.
  • Custodians may be running a public building such as a school or library.
  • Members of the workforce who have a responsibility to maintain the building's upkeep, such as janitorial staff. 

What is mold remediation for?

Using commercial mold remediation technicians for your Seattle business helps control and eliminate unsanitary conditions in the workplace. Microbial organisms destroy the materials that they use to grow. Using professional services can prevent harm to structure and contents, save money, or avoid some of the health effects of microbes. Remediating a large space does require significant amounts of equipment. The more cubic feet of air in a room, the larger dehumidification equipment or psychrometric controls should be to correct the moisture problem. SERVPRO can mobilize equipment and staff quickly to recover your business with minimum interruption.

What commercial building maintenance can reduce mold growth?

  • Regular inspections of structural areas such as roof leaks or landscaping that may direct moisture into the building
  • Checking combustion appliances have adequate venting to transport warm, moist air from the property.
  • Regular maintenance of an HVAC system

Commercial molds typically get worse over time and could cause permanent damage. Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500.

 Click here for more information about Seattle.

What Should Homeowners Do First After Flood Damage Hits?

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

cartoon family standing on roof of floating house SERVPRO can take over and dry and restore your Seattle flooded home!

SERVPRO techs can tell Seattle homeowners actions to take before they arrive to help lessen the damage to the home and property

After storms with heavy rains roll through Seattle, the potential for flooding increases around homes. Although SERVPRO crews arrive mere hours after the call, no matter when it gets made, there are a few things homeowners can do to ensure everything in the damaged area is not lost and needs replacement. However, SAFETY FIRST.

  • Close off the area if possible
  • Turn off the electricity to the home if there is a possibility of water coming into contact with electrical outlets
  • Avoid breathing airborne water vapor or coming into contact with the floodwater
  • In the early stages that flood water enters the home, move small items and valuables to another area if it is safe to do so

What Can Homeowners Do to Protect Their Homes from Needing Flood Water Removal? 

There is a line between what Seattle homeowners can do for flood water removal preparation and the reality of how fast your home can take on a large amount of water. There are some things property owners can do around the outside of the home to minimize the potential for flooding that affects their house. First and foremost, keep the water flowing away when it rains, and that can happen in a few ways, such as:  

  • Make sure your gutters stay clean and invest in gutter screens if leaves or debris is a frequent issue causing clogs
  • Ensure the grade of your property directs water away from the structure and not toward it
  • Build up your yard, particularly in areas where water pools
  • Inspect your home and make sure thresholds and seals around doors and windows are intact

When SERVPRO tech performs the removal of water from homes, they use a broad array of tools and equipment. Particularly in the case of flooding in a home, the sheetrock wicks the moisture rapidly, and often portions of it require removal to dry the interior of the walls. Even though in many instances, the water appears to recede as quickly as it entered the home, it usually migrates inside wall cavities, behind the baseboard, and seeps under floors. The removal of the deteriorated building materials allows for more significant airflow to occur and helps complete drying.

What does detection equipment do for a flooded home?

SERVPRO techs bring their detection equipment to locate all areas of moisture retention so the structure can get dried entirely. They use penetrating probes, devices that measure the interior humidity levels, and infrared cameras to get a reliable picture of the number of air movers and dehumidifiers they need to dry the area as quickly as possible. This is all part of setting drying goals to determine the amount of time and baseline humidity levels to strive for.

Another big factor that affects drying is the envelope of the structure. In short, it means how much outside factors affect the drying inside the home. There are three basic kinds of envelopes for homes:  

  • Tight envelope indicating rain or humidity levels outside have no bearing on the drying inside the home
  • Moderate envelope can mean certain areas of the house have damage allowing outside air inside, or doors and windows are getting opened frequently
  • Loose envelope usually applies to older structures and unless they have received energy-saving upgrades, generally have substandard vapor barriers and insulation

Due to the potential for many contaminants and hazards present in floodwater, SERVPRO techs test the water before beginning the cleanup and treat it accordingly to make it safer to handle during the extraction phase of the mitigation. After drying, which may take days to complete, the techs wipe down the surfaces with antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning agents to leave the area sanitized.

The technicians are alert to the signs of mold growth during the cleanup of a home post-flooding. The setup of an infestation can occur as rapidly as 48 hours after this type of water damage in a home. Mold colonies, in particular, can grow and spread on wood studs and sheetrock, and that is where the techs concentrate the use of antimicrobial agents to inhibit the potential for mold to be an issue. This attention to drying the structure and avoidance of the secondary problems ensures the repairs can start quickly to bring the home to its pre-flood condition.

SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 serves the local community for any size flood water removal needed. The certified techs know how to handle this home disaster safely and can restore your home back to normal, "Like it never even happened."