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Can SERVPRO Provide Flood Restoration in Seattle?

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

Water on floor Flooding can cause extreme damage to property and a person's pocket. Call SERVPRO for the help to take a lot of pressure off your hands.

SERVPRO Offers Water Damage Repairs After a Storm in Seattle

As everyone knows, Seattle is often called "The Rainy City." Although the town is not the rainiest in the U.S., it still receives an average of 152 rainy days per year. Therefore, it is possible that sometime during this rainy season, your home could suffer damage and require flood restoration services.

In cases of flood damage in Seattle, our SERVPRO technicians can help you with different types of water damage repairs. After heavy rainfall, your ceiling could start to leak. Or if it starts to flood outside, water could enter your house from the ground. If moisture ever finds its way into your home after a storm, we can conduct the following services to make it seem, "Like it never even happened."

  • Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages
  • Basement Flooding Cleanup
  • Water Removal Services
  • Fix Ceiling Leaks
  • Repair Leaking Roofs from Storms

If water leaks in from your roof, it could cause damage to several of your building materials as gravity pushes it down into your structure. When this occurs, our SERVPRO technicians take the first step to temporarily seal the leak so that no more moisture can enter. If needed, we can patch holes with wood or plastic until the ceiling leaks can be permanently repaired. 

Since any water coming in from the outside could be contaminated, we could remove any drywall that gets wet. We can then treat any other wet materials like your roof trusses or wall studs with an antibacterial product.

If moisture ever gets into your house after a rainstorm, it is wise to have flood restoration procedures performed before the damage gets worse. Call SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 any time of the day.

Does SERVPRO Offer Emergency Services for Water Damage in Seattle?

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians SERVPRO teams are ready and available to assist you with water damage 24/7. Call us as soon as you experience a water mishap.

SERVPRO can conduct water damage remediation in Seattle

Even with the new technology of today, it is still possible that your home appliances can malfunction. Sometimes when items like your dishwasher, for example, break, water can leak all over your house. The longer your broken dishwasher spills moisture into your kitchen, the further the water can spread to other rooms of your home. 

Whenever we restore water damage in Seattle, we start using instruments like moisture meters and sensors to determine exactly where the moisture has spread. Once we figure out what got wet, we can begin conducting water damage repairs on your affected building materials and contents. Depending on your unique situation, our SERVPRO technicians can perform the following procedures:

  • Cleaning Up After a Sewer Backup
  • Basement Flooding Cleanup
  • Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages
  • Water Removal Services

Whenever water leaks, it follows gravity and heads to your floors. One of the first things our SERVPRO crew does is remove water while it is still a liquid. Since most kitchens have hard surface floors such as tile, linoleum, or hardwood, we can use either a vacuum or a mop and squeegee the moisture up.

We can then set up air movers and dehumidifiers to dry up the floors and kitchen cabinets when dealing with tile or linoleum. If your kitchen has hardwood floors, we can dry out the wood using specialized drying mats. 

If your dishwasher ever breaks or a pipe bursts, it is wise to conduct emergency services for water damage promptly. Call SERVPRO of Central Seattle at (206) 282-9500 24/7.

How to Effectively Remediate Water Damage in Seattle

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

warped floorboards from water damage Dealing with water damage on your property? Team SERVPRO offers skilled technicians and the right equipment for the job.

Quick Drying Decisions of Our SERVPRO Team in Seattle Homes

It has gotten estimated that with each water recovery job that our SERVPRO professionals undertake for Seattle homes, that there are hundreds of drying decisions in each location. With that knowledge, it can be clear to see how valuable making the right choices can be when you are looking to save customers time and money on the restoration that their house needs. We have several areas where these decisions are most frequent.

Drying decisions decrease dramatically when homeowners wait before contacting our team about water damage in Seattle properties. The longer that saturation and damp conditions go unresolved, the more irreparable damage that occurs. For this reason, it is believed that restoration for water damages started after 48 hours rarely yields positive results. In most cases, prolonged exposure leads to a need for material removal and replacement. While we have a licensed division of residential contractors on our team to help with demolition and build back, this approach is rarely cost-effective compared to drying and restoring installed materials whenever possible.

There are many areas where quick decision-making can save a customer money and reduce the time that restoration and recovery efforts ultimately take. These categories often include:

Controlled Demolition

One of the most considerable areas of variance from one home to the next is the need for controlled demolition. When migrating water reaches structural cavities, removing surface materials might provide better access to the damaged area and bolster the pace of drying efforts.

Content Management

Identifying which contents in a home are at risk of irreparable damage is only part of the options our SERVPRO technicians have. We must also determine which can get moved to a new area of the property, which can get restored where they are, and if any of the personal belongings and furniture require focused cleaning and deodorization at our nearby facility.

Equipment Deployment

Even before mitigation efforts officially begin, preliminary extraction can reduce the spread and severity of standing water concerns. By using electric sump pumps and gas-powered trash pumps, we can prevent water from reaching undampened areas.

The choices our SERVPRO of Central Seattle team makes when beginning water recoveries can make the process more efficient. Whenever disasters strike, give us a call at (206) 282-9500.

Revealed: Team SERVPRO Offers Effective Flood Damage Solutions in Seattle

5/21/2021 (Permalink)

rain pouring down on the shingles of a roof Recently flooded? Our technicians are standing by to take your emergency call and can be on the scene with water removal equipment in hours.

Be Ready for Seattle Flood Damage When You Partner with SERVPRO

Many regions of Western Washington are likely to flood, although Seattle's flood profile differs from the rest of the area. We contend with riverine, urban, and coastal flooding. Although riverine and urban flooding is currently most common, climate change is expected to raise sea levels while torrential rain events are increasing. All these factors heighten the future risk of urban and coastal flooding.

How Flooding Differs from Other Water Damages

Flood damage in Seattle is considered an infectious waste event, and applicable health regulations and other rules prescribe the steps, tasks, and activities involved in responding to the contaminated water. Like any water damage, we need to remove the fluids, scope for migration, and dry out the structure, but with added safeguards and cautions. The fluids associated with flooding are ranked as Category 3 water, carrying silt, rocks, and other solid debris along with organisms that might be disease-causing. Chemical contamination is also possible.

Some Structures and Fixtures Require Disposal After Flood Damage

Porous materials sometimes cannot be cleaned and disinfected to the required standards post-flood. Carpeting and padding must be removed and discarded. On a case-by-case basis, valuable rugs can be cleaned, soaked in a biocide, recleaned, and dried. Only when an Indoor Environmental Professional test confirms that this procedure resulted in the rug reaching a sanitary condition should it be retained. Drywall either removed during "flood cuts" to release hidden water or, because of crumbling, cannot be reused. Neither can flood water-soaked insulation.

Shovels and Rakes Precede Pumps and Extractors

When storms or overflowing rivers precipitate overland flooding, immediate water pumping and extracting can be challenging to achieve. Significant amounts of mud and other debris must be removed before the water removal equipment can operate effectively. The SERVPRO crews dig in, removing the solids with rakes and shovels. If the debris contains chemicals, sewage, or other potentially harmful materials, we might need to contain the solids and dispose of them according to local hazardous waste rules. 

Count on SERVPRO of Central Seattle to help with all aspects of flood damage control, mitigation, and remediation. Call (206) 282-9500 to schedule the team.

What are the Best Water Restoration Companies in Seattle?

5/16/2021 (Permalink)

a woman holding a bucket to catch water falling from her ceiling Regardless of how the water got in, Team SERVPRO can help with water removal and remediation services. Call today.

SERVPRO Commits to Deliver Faster Results During Water Damage Remediation in Seattle

When burst pipes release water all over your property, one of the most troubling things is the inconveniences you face before all wet areas can be dried. You might not sit in your favorite position or even use some of the utilities and gadgets in the house. Therefore, finding a solution fast enough is desirable.

With assistance from the best water restoration companies in Seattle, you can enjoy a faster turnaround. SERVPRO delivers such results because we dedicate sufficient resources for each restoration task. Water removal takes considerable time since the water has to be handled in different states. 

Our SERVPRO technicians use different water extractors to remove liquid water. For instance, drying mats help extract water trapped beneath from materials such as tiles, while regular extractors allow removal of water pooling on surfaces fast. Drying is also part of the removal process whereby water is evaporated from surfaces. Our technicians expedite the process by supplying heat and improving air movements, thus maximizing evaporation rates. We use commercial-grade air movers and recirculate the hot air exhausted from dehumidifiers back into the wet rooms. Expediting recovery is necessary for many other situations, including:

  • Leaking roof from storms
  • Cleaning up after a sewer backup
  • Basement flooding cleanup

SERVPRO of Central Seattle ranks among the best water restoration companies that you can hire to fix damages at your home. Call us at (206) 282-9500.

How do Foster Island Restoration Services Clean Sensitive Materials?

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything Recent fire with some smoke damage? Our SERVPRO team is standing by with the tools and know how to remediate the situation. Call us right away.

SERVPRO Technicians in Foster Island Have Industry-leading Training for Sensitive Fabric Care during Fire Restoration.

Not all fabrics respond well to conventional cleaning methods. The fastest way to remove soiling is through aggressive agitation or direct applications of solvents and detergents. Sensitive materials, which could include linens or cotton, may suffer adversely when using the fastest soil removal methods due to their fragile nature.  

SERVPRO helps residents deal with: 

  • Fire damaged homes 
  • Smoke remediation 
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup 

Absorption is a valuable method for fire restoration in your Foster Island homes. Unlike other cleaning methods, absorption does not disturb the fibers of the material. Instead, the soil on fibers is absorbed in powder which can then be lightly vacuumed away. We use this method for sensitive fabrics as well as semi-porous building materials like brickwork. 

  • Absorption powders can be combined with cleaning solutions to create a cleaning paste that dries onto a surface before being vacuumed. 
  • We use this method for concrete, marble, brick, upholstery carpets, and fabrics. 
  • Powders can also be mixed with solvents for materials that only suit dry cleaning. 

Understanding the nature of materials is fundamental to restoration. Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle for fire restoration at (206) 282-9500.

Is Draining Ceilings in Seattle a Part of Water Mitigation?

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

a water damaged wall that is cracked and wet When water damage affects your ceiling, time is of the essence. Contact SERVPRO to investigate the cause of the damage and to remediate.

Draining Materials Can be Vital in the Restoration Procedure. SERVPRO Has Technicians for Seattle Residents.

The standard methods of water extraction rely on machinery like water extraction units, portable wet/vacs, and pumping equipment. In some situations, water can build up in the recesses of a home. These recesses could include ceilings, walls, and subfloor. Sometimes, there are visible signs of water buildup, consisting of ceiling sagging or bubbling on vinyl floors.

SERVPRO performs mitigation for:

  • Ceiling leaks
  • Basement flooding
  • Burst pipes

Dealing with excess water is central to water mitigation in your Seattle home. Some of the principal applications for draining moisture may be for ceilings: sagging, HVAC systems, concrete blocks, and properties with C-channel metal framing. The usual method is to drill or bore holes into the building assembly to allow water to drain from a cavity.

  • Wet vacuums are used in conjunction with draining to remove excess water from the area being drained.
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units are usually drained last during restoration.
  • Absorption can be effective at draining water using mops and towels, drawing further moisture from the cavity.

Draining a property correctly can save residents thousands of dollars in cost. Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle for Water Mitigation at (206) 282-9500.

When Should Seattle Residents Seek Professional Fire Damage Restoration?

4/18/2021 (Permalink)

a kitchen stove on fire which has spread to the rest of the kitchen Fire damage can really catch you off guard. After your family and pets are safe, contact team SERVPRO for remediation services. We are available 24/7.

SERVPRO Could Save Seattle Residents Expense through Fire Damage Restoration and Mitigation

Seattle is one of the largest cities on the Western Coast. It has always been a primary trading outpost for much of America's import and export trades that was even a central destination during the Klondike Gold Rush era. The influx of migrant workers and businesses throughout its long history has seen Seattle blossom into a multicultural zenith with Asian, Irish, Italian, and Hispanic communities, districts, and neighborhoods. Built on the Pacific Northwest's shores, Seattle's nightlife, restaurant businesses, and music venues are among some of the most sought-after in the country. Seattle's residents have also benefited from its growth as a tech hub to rival Silicon Valley on the West Coast.

Pioneer Square is one of Seattle's oldest neighborhoods, with a rich history covering the Klondike Gold Rush and a superb International Chinatown District just around the corner. Pioneer Square has also developed a reputation as a tech hub, with many fortune 500 companies setting up shop on the iconic plaza. A trip to Belltown is well worth it to elevate yourself above the city streets in Seattle's Space Needle. The feat of architecture was initially constructed for the World Fair of 1962 and offered panoramic views of the nearby waterways, the Olympic Mountains to the North, and an overview of Seattle's bustling neighborhoods. 

  • Bainbridge Island is a tranquil spot on the Puget Sound where Seattle's dominant fishing industry ships up each morning. On the Island are over 150-acres of maintained gardens. The Bloedel Reserve is among the highlights, and visitors can take the Bainbridge Island Ferry, which takes just over half an hour and provides stunning views of Seattle's oceanfront.
  • Seattle is the home of global coffee aficionados, Starbucks. Visitors can learn how to produce superb coffee from their homes with classes at the Seattle Barista Academy. Courses for beginners are around three hours long and cover the basics of ideal temperatures, sourcing beans, and Latte art.
  • As a thriving cultural hub, Seattle produces more than its fair share of legendary rock and pop musicians, including Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. The Museum of Pop Culture tracks the history of Seattle from its early blues influences through to the summer of love and the nineties' grunge period spearheaded by Kurt Cobain.

SERVPRO Can Restore Metals to a Pre-loss condition after Fire Damage

Residential properties are full of metal materials. These may include appliance surfaces, oven hoods, or furniture. Property fires can have a corrosive effect on metals. We can assist homeowners with:

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Fire damaged homes
  • Smoke remediation

Fire damage restoration professionals in Seattle can counteract the corrosive effect. Smoke can contain a higher level of acid or alkaline than expected, resulting from the types of material that combust. In cases where surfaces are cooler, such as with metals, the effect of condensation and acidic smoke residues can lead to corrosion or a rusting impact left on the material.

  • Rusticides are oxalic-phosphorous-based cleaners that can break down rusts on surfaces as well as on organic textiles.
  • A rust remover is applied for 10 minutes before being removed using water extraction.
  • Sometimes a wood-creme paste can be applied directly to appliance surfaces to clear away visible yellowing from fire.

Managing fire impact requires expertise. Contact SERVPRO of Central Seattle for fire damage restoration at (206) 282-9500.

Worried About Water Damage At Your Business Worsening?

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO vehicle Commercial water damage can cost you every day. SERVPRO has the equipment and certified technicians for the job. Don’t delay!

SERVPRO Enhances Natural Equilibrium Trends to Ease Restoration of Seattle Business Premises

Water, whether from natural sources or leaks from the plumbing systems within your business premises, can cause unprecedented damages or interfere with your daily operations. Sometimes the initial loss is less worrying compared to the secondary issues that develop.

Timely and appropriate intervention halts water damage in Seattle business premises. Most materials deteriorate over time when exposed to moisture. For instance, metals rust, fabrics discolor while the glues in carpets or composite materials wear down, leading to irreversible damage. SERVPRO observes three simple rules to address the effects of excess moisture in buildings:

  • Hot goes cold
  • Wet goes dry
  • High pressure goes to low pressure 

After extracting standing water, the next phase involves manipulating air conditions in the property. Applying these rules helps. For instance, the moisture in wet materials naturally escapes into the drier surrounding air. However, if the air is not kept dry enough, humidity rises, stopping the drying process. Our SERVPRO technicians use dehumidifiers to extract moisture from the air. 

SERVPRO of Central Seattle has talented technicians that can help you address any aspect of water damage in your business. Call us at (206) 282-9500 for assistance.

Do Mold Removal Companies Deliver Satisfactory Results?

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on a wall Did you find mold? SERVPRO technicians have the equipment for mold detection and remediation. Contact our team today.

SERVPRO Uses Several Approaches to Resolve Mold Issues in Seattle Properties

Although the mold affecting your house is one problem, resolving it requires more than a single solution. In most cases, when you do the removal on your own, cleanup is the primary approach. However, removal companies have access to more resources and can therefore use several approaches. 

The standard approach used by most mold removal companies in Seattle when restoring affected homes includes steps such as:

  • Drying wet materials 
  • Containment of residues 
  • Cleanup of affected areas
  • Removal of moldy materials

SERVPRO makes a considerable effort when completing these processes to ensure favorable outcomes. For instance, we use dehumidifiers with minimal airflow to dry wet materials without spreading moldy residues. 

When cleaning up affected areas, we use different cleaning methods to achieve the best results. When dealing with semi-porous surfaces, abrasive methods such as damp wiping, sanding, and wire brushing are beneficial. HEPA vacuuming helps remove settled spores released during other cleanup processes or the removal of infested materials. Taking simple precautions such as cleaning in the direction of airflow when a negative air pressure machine is set up helps improve the results.

SERVPRO of Central Seattle is one of the mold removal companies that can resolve the infestation in your home satisfactorily. Call us at (206) 282-9500.